9 Jan, 2010, Lake Murray
Extreme Bass fishing. Endurance Contest. Man versus old man winter. Miserable. These words might better describe the tournament that took place on 9 Jan at Lake Murray. There’s no need trying to describe how cold and frustrating it was. It took a couple of hours after getting off of the water just to thaw out. There’s no need trying to describe how tough the fishing was either. The results remind us all of that. Tom Christofaro deserves all the congratulations for his impressive sack in spite of the fishing conditions. That weight would hold up in most spring tournaments. Way to go, Tom! Old timer Jim Timmerberg got lucky in yet another winter tournament and caught one on a lucky cast. He did’t quite pull a Jimmy Houston and kiss the fish, but he did go a little Ike after putting her in the boat! A #9 Shadrap and a shakey head accounted for the bass weighed. All came from warmer, clearer water down the lake.  Next up will be Lake Wylie on 20 Feb. Hopefully the fishing and the weather will be better. See you at the next meeting on 18 February.
 ~Jim Timmerberg, Randy Kitzmiller
Angler # of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Tom Christofaro 43.69 lbs 12.33 lbs 270
Jim Timmerberg 12.87 lbs 2.87 lbs 235
Joe Akshar 00050
Gene Gibbs 00040
Darrell Munn 00050
Brian Cox 00050
Art Harris 00040
Brian Bell 00050
William Hodge 00050
Randy Kitzmiller 00040
David Jackson 00050
Dale Goff DNF DNF DNF 10
Earnie Jones DNF DNF DNF 0
Clay Hedrick DNF DNF DNF 0
Steven Evans DNF DNF DNF 0
Freddie O'Quinn DNF DNF DNF 0