5 June 2011 Murray Results

Murray results speak for how tough the fishing was. As always, guys don’t volunteer a lot of info about how they caught them, but only one limit says things weren’t happening for most members. Congrats to Gene for his 3rd straight win and to Earnie for the lunker he caught. Angler of the Year has come down to our last tournament of the year next month on Lake Wateree. Only 15 points separate Gene and Darrell. This will be interesting! Can Gene make it 3 in a row, or will Darrell be able to stop the streak? Wateree in July– could it be any tougher? The rest of the Top-6 seems to be set. Jim, Art, Earnie, and Tom are rounding it out. About all that is left is who will claim the 3rd boater slot. It’s too close to call right now. Again, Wateree will determine the final standings. Don’t forget that we vote on club officers , deal with any changes to the by-laws, and set next year’s schedule at our next meeting. It’s very important for all members to attend. If you just can’t make it, make sure you email Jim with your schedule and vote on proposed changes to the by-laws. Jim will get the proposed changes out shortly. Also, if you want to cast your vote for club officers, make sure that’s included in your email. bpjim@hotmail.com.

Angler# of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Gene Gibbs 52.85 lbs 10.44 lbs 260
Earnie Jones 45.65 lbs 8.60 lbs 235
Tom Christofaro 32.11 lbs 5.07 lbs 210
Darrell Munn 41.19 lbs 4.30 lbs 185
Art Harris 22.66 lbs 3.78 lbs 160
Brian Bell 22.20 lbs 3.42 lbs 155
Jim Timmerberg 12.69 lbs 2.69 lbs 150
William Hodge 21.12 lbs 1.91 lbs 135
Dale Goff 2.87 lbs .60 lbs 140
Brian Cox 00 lbs 0 lbs 50
Vickie Goff (Guest) 11.70 lbs 1.70 lbs -