5 June 2010, Lake Murray

For months and months, the fishing seems to be unusually tough.  Limits are hard to come by.  It was the same on Murray.  Very few limits and tough fishing.  As always, somebody finds them.  Congrats to the “Murray King”, as Gene figured them out and came in with a really nice limit of fish.  Tom finishes 2nd again and comes up with an impressive 6.40 lb. lunker.  Tom finally got that limit and came very close to winning.  Darrell came in 3rd with a nice limit.  C-rig and points and Darrell are hard to beat.  The year is winding down and only Lake Wateree (aka Lake Sorry) is left.  Angler of the Year and the Six-man team will be decided on Lake Wateree.  If you do the math, 3 anglers still have a shot for Angler of the Year.  It would take a miracle on his least favorite lake for Jim to get there, but miracles do happen.  The real battle comes down to Gene and Dale.  With only 35 points between them, it will all depend on who can master Joe’s favorite lake.  Things are interesting in the Six-man race too.  Darrell is in a position to knock Jim out of the 3rd boater position and 5 thru 7 could go any way.  If you do the math, Tom could also step up and be a spoiler.  Things will be interesting on 17 July!  REMEMBER:  Come ready to pick club officers and set next year’s schedule at the July meeting.  Also, let me know of any proposed changes to the by-laws so that they can get on the agenda.  Let’s try to have all members attend this meeting.  If a current member plans on taking a leave of absence or dropping out, please let me know also.  We have several members who have not been able to fish many tournaments.  Check the by-laws for membership criteria.  

~Jim Timmerberg, Brian Bell

* = Guest

Angler # of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Gene Gibbs 53.14 lbs. 13.67 lbs. 250
Tom Christofaro 56.40 lbs. 13.61 lbs. 245
Darrell Munn 53.77 lbs. 12.20 lbs. 210
William Hodge 43.09 lbs. 9.84 lbs. 175
Joe Akshar 42.82 lbs. 7.91 lbs. 160
Buddy Hudson 43.04 lbs. 7.90 lbs. 155
Steven Evans 32.92 lbs. 7.83 lbs. 140
Dale Goff 52.44 lbs. 6.91 lbs. 145
Earnie Jones 22.30 lbs. 3.09 lbs. 130
Jim Timmerberg 11.15 lb. 1.15 lb. 135
Brian Cox 1.84 lb. .84 lb. 130
Art Harris 00050