29 August 2010 Wylie

The first tournament of the 2010/2011 season is in the book. Congrats go out to Darrell and Steven for topping the field with close to 10 lbs. Kudos also to Earnie and Joe for coming in a close 2nd, and to Tom and Brian for 3rd place and Big Bass. Even though limits were hard to come by, tournament results were a lot better than August last year on Lake “Sorry” Wateree. It looks like most of the bass were caught in Catawba Creek with both the c-rig and t-rig working best. Soft plastics seemed to work best, but a few bass were caught on top water. I for one, thought that the team tournament concept made for a much more enjoyable day. With a tough bite, it was good to know that 2 baits were better than one. Also, guys got to fish with other members that they don’t normally get to fish with. Let us know your thoughts on the team tournament format. I would like to see more of them. We need to work out the points business, but it sure seems like more fun to me! If you’ve got some thoughts or ideas, just fire off an email to our members. Next up is Clarks Hill as we get ready for the Six-man. This is our year to win it! We’ve got the team that could do it.


Angler# of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Darrell Munn/ Steven Evans52.13 lbs 9.77 lbs 260
Earnie Jones/ Joe Akshar52.64 lbs 9.20 lbs 235
Tom Christofaro/ Brian Bell43.00 lbs 7.61 lbs 220
Gene Gibbs/ Darin Fiola*42.45 lbs 7.10 lbs 185
Dale Goff/ Brian Cox52.02 lbs 7.06 lbs 160
Jim Timmerberg/ David Jackson32.26 lbs 4.73 lbs 155
Danny Williamson/ Art Harris22.12 lbs 3.58 lbs 140