22-23 May 2010, Clarks Hill
   The blueback herring have become a real red herring this year!  Just like on Lake Hartwell last month, members had trouble finding the bluebacks and weights were down from past years.  We were a couple of weeks late on this one.  Very few members reported any real schooling activity.  It appears that they moved deep, and the bass followed and were suspended somewhere.  Weights for the 2-day were almost like 1 day of fishing in the last few years.  Even limits were hard to come by.  For awhile, it looked like the previous low weight limit was in risk of falling.  Fishing should be great in the future as members reported catching a bunch of dinks.  Keepers and bass of any size were tough to find.  Looks like the majority were caught on points on the c-rig.  Some were caught from bridges on a fluke, and some came on top water.  The tough fishing seems to continue from last winter.  Next up is Lake Murray on 5 June.  Hopefully, the herring will show their true color!  Reminder:  Our next meeting will again be on Thursday, 3 June. 

~Jim Timmerberg, Brian Bell

* = Guest

Angler# of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Freddie O'Quinn 103.55 lbs. 17.21 lbs. 250
Tom Christofaro 63.65 lbs. 14.57 lbs. 245
David Jackson 102.64 lbs. 14.57 lbs. 210
Gene Gibbs 102.51 lbs. 13.59 lbs. 185
Darrell Munn 101.88 lbs. 13.07 lbs. 160
Earnie Jones 72.35 lbs. 10.66 lbs. 155
Buddy Hudson 72.65 lbs. 10.39 lbs. 150
Joe Akshar 81.60 lbs. 9.48 lbs. 145
Jim Timmerberg 91.80 lbs. 9.10 lbs. 140
Alex O'Quinn* 62.63 lb. 8.62 lb. NA
Dale Goff 61.51 lb. 5.52 lb. 135
William Hodge 32.05 lb. 3.94 lb. 130
Brian Bell 31.56 lb. 3.40 lb. 125
Arthur Harris 21.19 lb. 2.05 lb. 120
Brian Cox 1.79 lb. .79 lb. 105