20 November 2010 Murray

Another tough tournament is for the record. Results tell the story! One limit, under 8lbs to win, and 2.53 for big fish. 2010 continues to be a hard year for fishing. Congrats to those who managed to catch a few nice ones! It seems like fish were caught all over the board. Some were caught from near the dam to up the river. C-rig, t-rig, crank baits, top water, and shakey head managed to put a few in the boat. No real patterns or explanations. Darrell continues his impressive string of checks won and looks to be trying to put this thing away early. Watch out though, Gene starts a come back and Dale is back on the water. Art, Tom, and Buddy keep hanging in there too. Less than 125 points separate 2nd thru 7th places. No room to stumble now, and we head into the Winter. The next 3 months will be interesting! How did we ever pick Stump Hole for January? A 14in limit ! We’ve struggled in the past to catch any 12in bass. Who is going to get lucky? Then we head into the Spring stretch hoping the bass are going to bite. Next up is Lake Sorry/ Wateree on 11 December! Just can’t wait!


Angler # of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Gene Gibbs 51.85 lbs 7.98 lbs 260
Darrell Munn 32.53 lbs 6.18 lbs 245
Buddy Hudson 42.00 lbs 4.37 lbs 210
Art Harris 41.24 lbs 3.86 lbs 175
Danny Williamson 21.88 lbs 3.32 lbs 150
Dale Goff 31.22 lbs 2.76 lbs 155
Tom Christofaro 21.37 lbs 2.39 lbs 140
Jim Timmerberg 11.24 lbs 1.24 lbs 145
Brian Cox 1.95 lbs .95 lbs 145
Darin Fiola 1.86 lbs .86 lbs 125
Earnie Jones 1.77 lbs .77 lbs 120
William Hodge 00040
Steven Evans 00050