20 Feb, 2010, Lake Wylie

Will this Winter ever end?  Once again, we fished a tournament when a lake couldn’t fish much tougher.  This is the 3rd tournament in a row when we had more zeroes than heroes.  The hero this month was Freddie O’Quinn who boated an impressive 14.23 limit on a really tough day.  Freddie says that he caught his limit on a crank bait down the lake.  He says that he found a bunch of shad on a stretch of clay bank, and the bass were there too.  After not fishing for a bunch of months, Freddie served notice that he is back to business as usual– taking our money.  Darrell Munn managed 2nd place with 3 bass weighing 7.24 lbs.  As usual, Darrell caught his by slowly working a shakey head.  Gene Gibbs bounced back from two bad tournaments and placed 3rd with 2 bass going 5.91.  Joe Akshar managed 1 good bass that went 3.76, and Steven Evans won big bass awards with one weighing 4.43 lbs.  Steven’s bass came on a mop jig.  Way to go guys!

Next up will be our 1st 2-day tournament on Lake Russell on 20 and 21 March.  Cabins have been reserved for the nights of 19 and 20 March.  If you are not going to make that tournament, please let Jim know.  REMINDER:  Our next meeting will be on WEDNESDAY, 17 March.  Let’s hope that the fishing will start to improve.  About the time that I think it can’t get much worse, it does like it did on Wylie.  Come on Spring!
 ~Jim Timmerberg, Randy Kitzmiller
Angler # of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Freddie O'Quinn 54.01 lbs. 14.23 lbs. 260
Darrell Munn 33.76 lbs 7.24 lbs 235
Gene Gibbs 23.74 lbs. 5.91 lbs. 210
Steven Evans 14.43 lbs. 4.43 lbs. 185
Joe Akshar 13.76 lbs. 3.76 lbs. 160
Earnie Jones 22.07 lbs. 3.71 lbs. 155
Jim Timmerberg 00050
Brian Bell 00050
William Hodge 00040
Art Harris 00050
David Jackson 00040
Dale Goff 00050
Tom Christofaro 00050
Clay Hedrick DNF DNF DNF 0
Brian Cox DNF DNF DNF 0
Randy Kitzmiller DNF DNF DNF 0
Danny Williamson DNF DNF DNF 0