21 Mar, 2010, Lake Russell

Well, the 8th tournament of the year is in the books!  Hard to believe the year is going that quickly.  Fortunately, fishing finally picked up after 6 tough tournaments.  We seemed to hit it about a week or two early, but all anglers boated keeper fish!  Looked like you had to find the right points and work them hard.  Don’t believe the majority of the bass have moved up yet.  Jim managed to find a couple of good spots and caught over 4 dozen keepers in 2 days.  He just couldn’t find the big uns!  Most came on a jerk bait, shakey head, or the c-rig.  Other members reported similar results and conditions.  Next up will be Lake Hartwell on 17 and 18 April.  Gene has reserved 3 cabins at Tugaloo State Park.  Each cabin has 4 beds and a sofa.  If you have a cot, you might want to bring it just in case.  Please let Jim know if you aren’t going to be able to fish.  So far, it looks like Tom and Brian Bell may not be able to make it.  So, we should be ok on space!?  Don’t forget, the next meeting will be on Wednesday, 14 April.  Hopefully, Hartwell will be on fire.  Congrats to Jim on the win.  The Old Master strikes again!  Congrats to Dale and Earnie for finishing 2nd and 3rd.  Let’s see what happens next month.  Time to step it up!

~Jim Timmerberg, Brian Bell

* = Guest

Angler # of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Jim Timmerberg 102.65 lbs. 19.16 lbs. 260
Dale Goff 102.01 lbs. 18.21 lbs. 235
Earnie Jones 92.78 lbs. 17.61 lbs. 210
Gene Gibbs 102.98 lbs. 17.31 lbs. 185
Freddie O'Quinn 92.34 lbs. 16.69 lbs. 150
Darrell Munn 102.14 lbs. 15.91 lbs. 155
Ron Cravens* 92.57 lbs. 15.24 lbs. NA
Tom Christofaro 82.99 lbs. 11.54 lbs. 160
Joe Akshar 62.16 lbs. 9.50 lbs. 145
Buddy Hudson* 62.19 lbs. 8.71 lbs. NA
David Jackson 72.01 lbs. 7.83 lbs. 140
William Hodge 61.58 lbs. 6.41 lbs. 125
Lonnie Jackson* 42.20 lbs. 5.70 lbs. NA
Art Harris 21.74 lbs 2.61 lbs. 130
Brian Cox 11.85 lbs. 1.85 lbs. 125
Brian Bell 11.38 lbs. 1.38 lbs. 110