19 Dec 2009, Lake Wateree

LBM held their 5th tournament of the season on Lake Wateree, 19 Dec. To say the fishing was difficult is something of an understatement as no limits were caught, and of the 11 competitors, only 8 fish were brought to the scales! Half of the fishermen didn’t even get a bite. Shaw Bassers also held a tournament on Wateree and had the same kind of day. Congratulations to Darrell Munn for the win and to Dale Goff and Joe Akshar for their respective 2nd and 3rd place finishes, and I also think congratulations is also in order for Earnie Jones, who was the only other fisherman able to put a bass in the boat. Tournaments like this make it clear just how tough bass fishing can be. The next tournament will be on Lake Murray on 9 Jan 2010. Merry Christmas to everyone, and we’ll see you in the New Year!
~Jim Timmerberg


Angler # of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Darrell Munn 32.23 lbs 6.30 lbs 260
Dale Goff 32.02 lbs 4.97 lbs 235
Joe Akshar 14.49 lbs 4.49 lbs 220
Earnie Jones 11.95 lbs 1.95 lbs 185
Gene Gibbs 00050
Steven Evans 00050
Jim Timmerberg 00050
Randy Kitzmiller 00050
Tom Christofaro 00050
Arthur Harris 00050
Danny Williamson (Guest)000NA
David Jackson DNFDNFDNF0
Clay Hedrick DNFDNFDNF0
Freddie O'Quinn DNFDNFDNF0
William Hodge DNFDNFDNF0