20 April, 2010, Lake Hartwell

Dale just flat whacked us all and took all of the money!  He easily won by around 10 lbs and took progressive money!  Almost $700 in winnings for a couple days of “work.”  Not bad at all!  Way to go, Dale.  Of course, his bass came on his favorite baby brush hog.  The rest of us had a tougher time.  The one, true pattern seemed to be the brush/button grass.  The fish were up shallow and in or near that stuff.  Members reported working speed worms through that stuff or dragging the c-rig on points with the stuff.  The bite seemed to change daily.  Hartwell just didn’t fish like it has in the past.  Those guys who adapted to the change seemed to do best.  Congrats to our new members.  Everybody caught some fish and served notice that they’re ready to step it up.  Way to go guys!  William really put on a show behind Dale and managed a nice limit both days.  Next up is Clarks Hill and the blue backs.  If you aren’t going to be able to fish, please let Jim know ASAP!  We ended up with too many cabins this tournament.  Again, congrats to Dale for an impressive sack.  Let’s catch them next month!

~Jim Timmerberg, Brian Bell

* = Guest

Angler # of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Dale Goff 105.16 lbs. 29.63 lbs. 260
Gene Gibbs 102.99 lbs. 19.92 lbs. 225
Darrell Munn 103.81 lbs. 17.67 lbs. 200
Earnie Jones 82.67 lbs. 16.53 lbs. 175
William Hodge 102.78 lbs. 16.51 lbs. 150
Art Harris 82.26 lbs. 11.68 lbs. 145
David Jackson 73.18 lbs. 10.34 lbs. 140
Buddy Hudson 53.19 lbs. 9.98 lbs. 135
Jim Timmerberg 52.74 lbs. 8.92 lbs. 130
Brian Cox 1.67 lb. .67 lb. 125