14 November 2009, Lake Wylie

The 4th tournament of the year is in the books for LBM, and what a tournament it was! Although the weather was perfect, the fishing continued to be tough. Muddy water and floating debris, caused by the recent heavy rains and wind, made it tough to even run the lake safely. As always, some guys are able to find the fish. Incredibly, despite a blown motor 60 seconds after launch, Dale Goff manages to pull out a win by fishing a baby brush hog on docks, using only his trolling motor. Tom Christofaro brought 3 great fish to the scales for over 9 pounds and probably would have taken his first win, had he been able to limit. Tom caught his fish on points with a Carolina rig.¬†Gene Gibbs caught his limit on a jig in the chocolate milk water in the upper lake area for 3rd place. Talk about being all over the board! Take your best guess on the best pattern. There were only 3 limits for the day, and a lot of small bass hit the scales. Some of the usuals are at the the top of the standings, but several of the new guys are hanging in. We’ve got a long way to go. The next 3 tournaments will go a long way toward determining next year’s Six-man. Sure would be nice to catch them without having to struggle all day!
~Jim Timmerberg

Angler # of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Dale Goff 52.76 lbs 11.26 lbs 260
Tom Christofaro 33.62 lbs 9.43 lbs 245
Gene Gibbs 52.14 lbs 9.23 lbs 210
Joe Akshar 42.32 lbs 6.09 lbs 185
Jim51.70 lbs 5.50 lbs 160
Art23.20 lbs 5.09 lbs 155
David 41.80 lbs 5.02 lbs 150
Darrell3- 2.56 lbs 145
Brian Bell 1.94 lbs .94 lbs 140
Earnie Jones 1.92 lbs .92 lbs 135
Brian Cox 1.91 lbs .91 lbs 130
Randy Kitzmiller 00050
JD Cox (Guest)0000
Danny Williamson (Guest)0000
William DNF DNF DNF 0
Clay Hedrick DNF DNF DNF 0
Freddie O'Quinn DNF DNF DNF 0