Lake Wylie, 16 Aug 11

He's baaack!  Dale and William gave us all a butt kicking on Wylie.  Looks like Dale's back!  Tough fishing and low weights again.  Hopefully, fishing will start to improve.  This is really getting old.  Fortunately, the team tournament kept us from having any zeroes to start the season.  Next up is our prep for the Six-man.  Next tournament is on Santee on 10 September with our meeting on 7 Sep.  Hope to see you there!


PLEASE NOTE:  For this tournament only, meeting points ARE NOT reflected below due to some team members being at the meeting and some not.  Email Brian or Jim if you have any questions.

Angler # of Fish Big Fish Weight Total Weight Points Awarded
Dale Goff/
William Hodge
5 2.89 lbs 9.52 lbs 260
Gene Gibbs/
John Branstater
5 1.95 lbs 6.93 lbs 235
Darrell Munn/
Earnie Jones
5 1.26 lbs 4.81 lbs 210
Tom Christofaro/
Steven Evans
3 1.77 lbs 4.69 lbs 185
Jim Timmerberg/
Danny Williamson
3 1.89 lbs 4.10 lbs 160
Art Harris/
Brian Cox
3 2.28 lbs 4.06 lbs 145